Microsoft publish Case Study of iBiT’s Dynamic System’s Management Solution in County Meath VEC

Microsoft have published a Case Study on how iBiT delivered their Dynamic Systems Management Solution in County Meath VEC. Please see the full Case Study here.

County Meath VEC employed iBiT’s Dynamic Systems Management (DSM) Solution to assist them in improving efficiencies in delivering all aspects of IT Services to over a dozen secondary level schools across County Meath. 


County Meath VEC utilised the below features of iBiT’s DSM Solution:   

Centralised Application Management and Deployment

Each application in use by Meath VEC, either by staff or students was packaged by iBiT. Therefore all applications can now by seamlessly deployed to any Desktop/Laptop in any school from one central server. 


Centralised Operating System Deployment

iBiT delivered a fully automated Operating System Deployment Solution where County Meath were able to migrate all their Desktops/Laptops to Windows 7.


Application Virtualisation

iBiT employed Microsoft’s App-V application virtualisation technology to virtualise required applications to avoid any compatibility issues.


Centralised Software Update, Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Management and Deployment

County Meath VEC are able to maintain the security of their IT infrastructure through a centralised patch managment solution delivered by iBiT. All Software Updates are approved centrally and deployed across all sites seamlessly.


Centralised Internet Based Client Management (Private Cloud) 

County Meath VEC have begun a policy of issuing students with laptops for their course work. This is very challenging for any IT Department to be able to manage and secure these devices once they are assigned to students, as they continue to roam with their owner.

iBiT implemented their most innovative element of their DSM solution, which allows County Meath VEC to manage all roaming devices regardless of their location, whether at school or at home, ensuring the security and operation of all roaming devices at all times.