Power Management

Desktop Power Management

iBiT has developed an innovative Desktop Power Management solution that tackles a major problem for IT Departments in public and private organisations across Ireland. This problem is organisation’s inability to be able to control and enforce the safe power down of company desktops and laptops left powered on unnecessarily after business hours. 

iBiT has worked with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to assist in improving energy effiency awareness and practices of IT Departments in Ireland.

Historically, organisations have depended on the diligence of staff to power down their own desktops, but from audits conducted by iBiT on behalf of SEAI in both the Public and Private sectors, between 25%-35% of organisations desktops/laptops are left powered on unnecessarily after business hours.  

By implementing iBiT’s Desktop Power Management solution, organisations can automatically detect and safely power down (or hibernate or standby) any desktops in the organisation that have been left powered on unnecessarily after business hours. This solution, once implemented produces detailed reports on the Energy, Monetary and Co2 Emission Savings derived from the properly power managed desktop environment.

Typical savings are in the region of €15 – €30 per desktop per year. Using an example of a typical 1000 desktop environment, that would equate to an annual saving of between €15,000 and €30,000.

iBiT has implemented it’s Desktop Power Management solution in many public and private organisations across Ireland, managing the power consumption and safely powering down thousands of desktops every evening.


Key Benefits:

  • Realise significant Energy Cost Savings typically €15 – €30 per desktop per year.
  • Reduce Energy consumption for the Desktop Environment
  • Produce detailed reports on Energy Consumption, Monetary Costs and Co2 Emmissions from IT Equipment
  • Improve Security of the Desktop Environment, when Desktops are powered off after business hours, the threat of Virus or Malware propigating on the corporate network is greatly reduced
  • Allows IT Departments to contribute to the reduction of energy consumption in all office buildings and therefore improve the buildings Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Rating