Application Deployment

Advanced Application Management & Deployment

iBiT has extensive experience in packaging any type of software or application for centralised deployment. This approach to application management allows IT Departments to maintain a tight control of application usage across their IT estate from one central location.

iBiT has also developed an “App Store” solution, where end users are able to self-provision pre-approved corporate applications to secured desktops/laptops without IT Department intervention.


Key Benefits: 

  • Enhances efficiency in delivering IT services
  • Facilitates the silent and automated deployment (or removal) of any application to any desktop in any location
  • Provides the platform for streamlined application upgrades e.g. Office 2007 to Office 2010
  • Facilities a tremendous reduction in manual support of application management. i.e. Installation, Removal, Troubleshooting, Inventory etc


Operating System Deployment

Fully Automated Operating System Deployment

iBiT has developed a robust Operating System Deployment solution using SCCM 2007 or SCCM 2012 that allows IT Departments to deploy a single hardware independent Operating System image to any desktop/laptop in their environment.

iBiT’s enhanced Operating System Deployment solution provides a streamlined method for organisations to migrate their Desktop environment to Windows 7.


Key Benefits:  

  • Enhances efficiency in delivering IT services
  • Delivery of a 100% Automated, Hardware Independent Operation System Deployment Solution (Windows XP/Vista/7)
  • What is unique about this offering is that there is ONE OS Image for ALL Hardware types
  • Facilitates the ability to standardise and brand the Desktop OS environment.
  • Automated Backup and Restoration of Desktop User Data. i.e. Documents & Settings, Profiles,  IE Favourites etc
  • Standalone Media OS Deployment – ability to deploy the standardised OS Image to PC’s which are NOT on the LAN/WAN or behind lower bandwidth connections using a USB Key.