iBiT Consulting are focused on providing IT solutions that will optimise your organisation’s IT infrastructure and maximize the return on your IT infrastructure investment. iBiT provides innovative, practical and cost effective technology solutions in all aspects of IT systems management. iBiT have developed a Dynamic Systems Management Solution, which utilises the best of breed technology to reduce cost, risk and complexity with unified centralised management of the entire IT estate.

iBiT’s Dynamic Systems Management Solution is ideal for organisations with evolving, distributed networks, helping to dramatically reduce manual workload by introducing standardisation and automation of IT tasks and enabling IT staff to centrally manage all aspects of IT Systems management through a single unified solution.

iBiT partner with the industry’s leading technology providers to provide innovative consultancy and quality implementation to meet organisations IT requirements and to assist in driving down IT operating costs.


iBiT’s Dynamic Systems Management Solution Overview

iBiT’s Dynamic Systems Management solution incorporates many of the advanced features of System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 or SCCM 2012. The solution delivery is separated into 4 Tiers:


Tier 1

Asset Management & Licence Management

  • Full Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Extensive granular reporting on all Hardware & Software on client site
  • Software Metering which allows up to the minute reporting on software usage in your environment

Centralised Remote Control

  • Full Remote Control capability on all Microsoft OS platforms without the need for 3rd party tools

 Centralised Patch Management

  • Fully integrated Software Updates and Deployment Solution with extensive granular reporting
  • All Microsoft OS platforms can be scanned for vulnerabilities and patched accordingly

 Centralised Power Management

  • Implementation of a Green IT solution, where iBiT’s proprietary Energy Saving scripts are integrated to facilitate the Safe Auto Shutdown of PC’s after business hours. This Desktop Power Management Solution saves all open documents etc before the PC is safely shutdown.
  • This ensures that no PC’s are powered on unnecessarily after business hours, therefore reducing energy consumption and realising significant savings on energy costs.
  • Please note that there are NO 3rd party tools employed to provide this solution, therefore there are NO additional software licensing costs.


Tier 2 

Advanced Application Management & Deployment

  • Packaging of ALL nominated Customer Applications (where possible) for fully automated centralised silent deployment.
  • Facilitates the installation and removal of any application on any Desktop in any location
  • Provides platform for streamlined application upgrades e.g. Office 2007 to Office 2010
  • Facilities a tremendous reduction in manual support of application management. i.e. Installation, Removal, Troubleshooting, Inventory etc.


 Tier 3

 Fully Automated Operating System Deployment

  • Delivery of a 100% Automated, Hardware Independent Operation System Deployment Solution (Windows XP/Vista/7)
  • What is unique about this offering is that there is ONE OS Image for ALL Hardware types
  • Facilitates the ability to standardise and brand the Desktop OS environment.
  • Automated Backup and Restoration of Desktop User Data. i.e. Documents & Settings, Profiles,  IE Favourites etc
  • Standalone Media OS Deployment – ability to deploy the standardised OS Image to PC’s which are NOT on the LAN/WAN or behind lower bandwidth connections using a USB Key.


Tier 4

Internet Based Client Management (IBCM)

  • Facilitates the management of SCCM clients when they are not connected to your company network but have a standard Internet connection.
  • Facilitates IT departments to perform hardware or software inventory, deploy applications or software updates to any client computer whether it is on the corporate network or not.
  • Client computers configured for Internet or intranet management can automatically switch between Internet-based client management and intranet client management whenever they detect a change of network.